Palma Roja Inc. provides landscaping and arboriculture services to home, business and organizations in the island of Puerto Rico. With more than 13 years of experience, Palma Roja has put together a team of professional Horticulturist specialized in landscape design, arboriculture and plant care in order to provide a full service experience for your tree and landscape needs .

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Equiped for residential, commercial or institutional

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We offer full service landscape design and installation services. We have the knowledge and experience to manage large scale logistics and the details that a demanding customer aspires.

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Irrigation Systems

We design for 100% area coverage, with match precipitation, head to head reach and always use rain sensors. We use commercial grade equipment (Hunter) for long term durability and ease of use.

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Drainage Systems

We design comprehensive systems for improving the soil texture and profile. We install different types o pipes, french drains and catch basins and can build custom systems if needed.

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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance for retail, schools, univerities, neighborhoods and buildings. We manage fertilizer, pesticides and irrigation scheduling, small repairs and adjustments.

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Maintanance, diagnostics and treatment of trees. Tree management during constructions and tree transplants up to 40 feet tall and manage rootballs up to 16 feet Ø. Professionally trained staff.

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Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architect design services are available to fulfill the needs or vision of the more complex projects. This is available to projects from residential to regional scale.

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Consulting services in Landscape Horticulture, Arboriculture and Landscape Design to private and government entities. Training in landscape horticulture and arboriculture in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.


A sample of our work

Universidad Interamericana @ Ponce | uri_escape
Interamerican Univerisity @ Ponce

Landscape Design and Installation, Tree Management, Irrigation Design and Installation, Landscape Maintenance

Mansiones Reales @ Guaynabo | uri_escape
Mansiones Reales @ Guaynabo

Landscape and Irrigation (Design and Installation). Ongoing landscape maintenance service.

2006 - Present
Olive Garden & Famous Daves | uri_escape
Olive Garden & Famous Daves

Landscape and Irrigation (Design and Installation)

Paraíso del Atlántico @ Quebradillas | uri_escape
Paraíso del Atlántico @ Quebradillas

Landscape installation of design by 3rd party. Review of tree mitigation plan to increase the amount of native trees with added value to local wildlife.

Islabela Beach Resort @ Playa Montones, Isabela | uri_escape
Islabela Beach Resort @ Playa Montones, Isabela

Landscape and Irrigation (Design & Installation). Tree mitigation plan review and implementation.

Plaza de Recreo @ Camuy | uri_escape
Town Plaza @ Camuy

Landscape Design and installation

Residencia @ Caguas | uri_escape
Residency @ Caguas

Landscape and Irrigation (Design & Installation)

Residencia @ Cupey | uri_escape
Residency @ Cupey

Landscape (Design and Installation)

Residencia @ El Señorial, Cupey | uri_escape
Residency @ El Señorial, Cupey

Landscape (Design & Installation)

Residencia @ Dorado | uri_escape
Residency @ Dorado

Landscape, Irrigation and Lights (Design @ Installation)

Residencia @ Dorado 2 | uri_escape
Residency @ Dorado 2

Landscape , Soil fill and grading, Drainage, Irrigation System, Landscape lights (Design & Installation)

Residencia @ Gauynabo | uri_escape
Residency @ Gauynabo

Landscape (Design & Installation)

Residencia @ Guaynabo City | uri_escape
Residency @ Guaynabo City

Landscape , Irrigation and Lights (Design & Installation)

Residencia @ Guaynabo City #3 | uri_escape
Residency @ Guaynabo City #3

Landscape and Irrigation (Design & Installation)

Residency @ Utuado | uri_escape
Residencia @ Utuado

Landscape design and installation

Transplante de árboles | uri_escape
Residential Tree Management

Residential , medium size , tree transplant

Universidad Metropolitana | uri_escape
Metropolitan University

Landscape Design and installation. Irrigation system design and installation. Tree management. Review and implementation of tree mitigation plan with the goal of increasing the use of native trees with high value to local fauna.

1987 - 2014
Universidad de Puerto Rico @ Rio Piedras | uri_escape
University of Puerto Rico @ Rio Piedras

Tree management during construction. Prepare and execute a tree management and preservation plan for the trees located at a construction site. Tree protection zones and heavy equipment access trails were established. Some trees were pruned and other were transplanted, including specimens that weighted 55 tons.



About our founders

Sigfredo y Karen Palma Roja Inc. was created by partners and spouses, Agrónomists Karen D. Cruz Amador and Sigfredo E. Faría Vega in the year 2001. Karen holds a Masters Degree in Horticulture and serves as a consultant to Palma Roja, while works full time as general manager Vivero Los Isleños, the other business of this couple. Sigfredo took care for 10 years of a small landscape design and build firm, which served to pay his Bachelor Degree in Horticulture at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus . In 1996 he joined the International Society of Arboriculture and became a Certified Arborist. For several years he lead educational efforts in the Caribbean to increase the awareness of safe and proper tree care for tree workers and tree owners. Later, he served as General Manager for Margo Landscape & Design. During his time at Margo L & D, he managed different scales of projects, standing out due to its size and complexity, the Sculpture Garden at Puerto Rico Museum of Art. After leaving Margo L&D in 2001, to dedicate time to develop Vivero Los Isleños, he also started Palma Roja Inc. In 2005 Horticulturist Javier H. Gomez joined the firm as Landscape Maintenance Manager. In 2011 Sigfredo obtains a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture, a new tool to expand the reach and quality of the design services. In 2013 Horticulturist Sheiley M. Roque who also holds a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture joins the firm, serving as full time designer and estimator. This combined experience of more than 30 years set the foundations of what Palma Roja is, a never ending pursuit of exceeding the customer expectations based on the science and art of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture within a reasonable price structure.

vivero At this time we have a full time crew of experienced personnel dedicated to tree service and landscape installations. Two other crews, under Javier H. Gomez direction, take care of our landscape maintenance accounts. In average, our employees have worked for our company for more than 5 years and they have our strong support and trust as well as from our clients. All of our employees are from the municipalities of Utuado and Quebradillas, strongly dedicated people who leave their houses and family very early in the morning to offer the best of ther effort, day after day.

Sigfredo Apart from our team, we have a full and modern fleet of vehicles and construction equipment that help us to serve in any location of the island with agility. We only wait for the opportunity to show what we are capable of doing. That explains why 99% of our customers are referrals.